Best Whole House Water Filter 2021 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best whole house water filter 2021? Good! We’ve assembled a comprehensive, far-reaching guide for you. We hope that by the time you’re done reading this article, not only will you be in a position to pinpoint a water filter that suits your household needs but also know what a good water filter should look like. In short, we’ve done extensive research to make this your to-go-to resource for anything and everything you’d need to create the best whole house water filtration system for your home.

Before we take a look at the top-rated water filters for your home, let’s start with the basics. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), up to 85% of the US cities use hard water. In fact, if you’re reading this, there every chance you live in a city or state with a high prevalence of hard water. By extension, this means that the water in your home contains high levels of minerals such as dolomite, chalk, and fluoride. While this water isn’t dangerous to drink, the accumulation of lime-scale in your water pipes can lead to corrosion and blocked sewage lines. Plus, hard water doesn’t lather easily. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to invest in a filtration system that will get rid of the minerals, doesn’t it?

… So, why a home water filter?

Sure, there are other methods of home water purification such as reverse osmosis, lime softening, distillation and using an ion-exchange device. However, these are relatively expensive and time-consuming. The primary reason for using a home water filter is the ability to get rid of impurities at a fraction of the cost. But, it goes without saying that you have to install an efficient, reliable, high-performing water filter – which brings us back to the first point at the beginning of this write-up. What follows is a rundown of ten home water filters with proven capacity to all of the above and more.

Best Whole House Water Filter 2021 – Top 10 Review

1. Express Water Whole House Water Filter System GAC Carbon Sediment 3 Stage Filtration 4.5″ x 20″ Inch

The Express touts a clear housing for each of its filters, has a pressure gauge for easy routine mounting and a BPA free construction. It promises to give you filtered water that is 99% free of minerals. Regarding performance, it will meet your daily water needs up to 100,000 gallons.

Why the Express Water Whole House Water Filter Stand Above the Rest

The Express, just as the name suggests is a three-stage filtration system. Part of this process is the reverse osmosis that works by alkalizing your water. What this means this is that this filter restores the water pH, improves oxygen levels and restores the electrolytes. On top of that, it eliminates all the acidic waste in your water, making it safe for drinking.

To make the most out of your filtration system, the pressure of the incoming water has to be correct. This one comes with an integrated test gauge that tells you when the pressure is above 150 PSI which is the unit’s maximum. And then there is the pressure release button that allows you to replace cartridges in a snap. Also, the Express uses the high capacity chemical absorption technology to prolong the life of the filters. In essence, this translates to lower maintenance costs.

Because of its exceptional filtering capability, the Express will serve you well if you have a well with lots of sediments or reside in an area where the only water available is hard water. And just so you may know, it uses 4 ½ by 20 inches filter cartridges.

2. Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House 2-Stage Water Filter

The HMF2SDGC undertakes to give you clean, clear water for your household without affecting the water pressure. And the beauty of it is that it connects directly to your main water line so that all dispensing points from showers to faucets have treated water.

Featuring a two-stage filtration system, this unit is great for dealing with the chlorine problems common with city water. It works best with a flow rate of 20 gallons per minute thanks to its large filter housings, complete with 1-inch ports. And, with a filtering capacity of 95,000 gallons, the HMF2SDGC is enough to meet the clean water needs of an average home of four for up to 12 months.

The Home Master HMF2SDGC will get rid of up to 90% of chlorine, chemical, sediments and other contaminants in your water. Yes, that’s how efficient this unit is. In fact, it has a filtration capacity of one micron. Additionally, it comes with oversized filters that not only improve the water flow but also hold dirt for long. The result is that you don’t have to replace your filters frequently, translating to lower maintenance costs and less inconvenience.

Other than that, the HMF2SDGC is ready to use right out of the box. Each package comes with a mounting bracket, a housing wrench, and bolts so you can install it right away. To wrap it up, if you’re looking for a good whole house water filter to treat city water, this unit will get the job done.

3. iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

Don’t have a lot of cash to splurge? No worries, iSpring has got your back! A good option if you’re on a budget, the WGB32B is a 3 stage filter with a remarkable performance for its cost. For starters, it flaunts big blue housing to accommodate an assortment of filters and cartridges. That way, you can fine tune with an assortment of filters to meet your needs better.

The iSpring comes with a sediments filter that works in conjunction with the carbon filter to get rid of bad smells and chlorine fast. It is worth noting, though that this unit isn’t the smallest of filters. On the flip side, the large build makes it compatible with 1-inch pipes provides maximum water flow without compromising the current water pressure.

Installing this thing is easy, especially if you’re a DIY enthusiast. We love the nice, robust metal frame that allows you to mount the filter on a concrete wall easily. It will also catch your attention to know that the iSpring runs on NSF certified filters so there’s no question about its safety.

Those who’ve used it say it has the capacity to deliver clean, purified water for a homestead with five bathrooms, one kitchen and a bar. To cut to the chase, the iSpring WGB32B is a brilliant whole house water filter for anyone looking for a solid performance without spending too much. It’s easy to maintain and use not to mention that the replacement filters are readily available. iSpring’s customer service is unrivaled too, according to happy homeowners.

4. Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter

The Aquasana is a high-performance water filter that will serve any commercial setting or home for up to 10 years. And that’s not even the best part. It pledges to filter up to one million gallons of water before you can even think to replace it! How about that! With this model in your household, you can as well say goodbye to draining water waste and back flushing.

The Aquasana comes with a dual filter tank christened Rhino for its power and durability. And just like any water filter worth your money, it is highly customizable to meet your specific needs. This unit owes its exceptional performance to UV Starlight, a technology that kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and chlorine resistant cysts such as Giardia. In the meantime, the SimplySoft technology prevents the formation of scale and corrosion of your water pipes.

The Aquasana can handle a flow rate of 7 gallons per minute. It comes with a Pro Kit that includes a pre and post filter to sieve outs sediments, silt, rust and large particles before they enter your home water system. All you need to do is to fit the filter before and after the main tank. And for those asking, this unit offers filtration down to 0.35 microns which is quite remarkable.

There’s no denying that the Aquasana ticks all the boxes a good whole house water filter should. It has a sturdy design and boasts an iconic performance that very few models on the market can match. We only wish it was cheaper.

5. APEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System

Make your home a place of clean, iron-free water with this three-stage filtration system by APEC. Compatible with 20 inch Big Blue cartridges, it’ll get rid of larger sediments first followed by chlorine and odors to complete the filtration cycle. Ideal for industrial, light commercial and home use, it captures and traps particles down to 30 microns. Due to its higher output, this is a great alternative to the Home Master HMF2SDGC or any single stage filtration system for that matter.

The APEC comes with durable, polyester pleated filters with an incredible dirt holding capacity. It may also catch your attention to know that all the filters in every stage are washable and reusable, translating to low maintenance costs. Each filter has a lifespan of six months, twice what you get with most models. And, due to the size and quality of the reservoir, the APEC can comfortably use filters that last for up to 12 months. More specifically, it can filter up to 70,000 gallons of water before the need to replace the cartridge.

Designed to give you fast flow rates with low-pressure drops, this unit is pre-assembled and ready to mount. You don’t even need to hire a professional plumber to install it. Changing the filters is easy and effortless too so keeping your filter operating at its optimum shouldn’t be a problem. And just as a bonus, the APEC is BPA free to give you an assurance on the safety of use.

6. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House 3-Stage Water Filter

Home Master makes a return to our whole house water filters reviews, this time with the HMF3SDGFEC. A well thought out model, it features large filters and one-inch ports to give you maximum water flow while maintaining the strongest pressure possible. Of course, large filters mean longer use between replacements.

This is a three-stage filter with an excellent purification capacity. More to the point, the HMF3SDGFEC eliminates up to 95% of contaminants including sediments, iron, manganese and any other pollutants that cause foul taste and odors. Expect finer filtration with this model down to 1 micron. Another unique highlight is the fact that this unit doesn’t sacrifice water flow. In fact, it can handle a remarkable 90 psi of pressure. Its coconut shell carbon filters are equally impressive with 100,000-gallon capacity, enough for a family of four.

Reviewers, point out that the HMF3SDGFEC is particularly exceptional at getting rid of chlorine, making it one of the best whole house water filters for purifying water from municipal sources. Additionally, this unit measures 24 x 9 x 25 inches and weighs a mere 45 pounds so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a space-saving water filter. And yes, you can use it without water softeners.

The HMF3SDGFEC comes ready with a patent-pending mounting bracket that fits into 16-inch studs. The filters are easy to change too as long as you leave enough space around your filter. All in all, this model offers a good performance based on its functionality. Sure, it isn’t the cheapest but it’s well worth it.

7. iSpring WGB22B 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

The iSpring WGB22B is a brilliant point of entry filtration system. However, unlike other similar reverse osmosis models that have to be installed to a particular faucet, this one filters your water right from the source. Put differently, water from each and every output in your home will have undergone two filtration stages before you can use it.

In the first stage, the iSpring WGB22B gets rid of dirt and large particles down to 5 microns using the high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter. The second carbon block filter removes targeted contaminants, tastes, and odors. It also eliminates up to 90% of chorine. Also, this unit is highly efficient on herbicides, industrial chemicals, and pesticides.

What we’re trying to say here is that the iSpring WGB22B will serve you well if you want to purify highly contaminated or chlorinated water. It will also come in handy if you get your water from a well and want to remove heavy metals such as lead and iron. It will filter up to 100,000 gallons of water before you need to replace the cartridges. Now, that’s an equivalent of one year of clean water for your family.

Other than that, the WGB22B can handle a water flow rate of up to 15 gallons per minute. Those who’ve used it say it has enough output for a high flow kitchen faucet and up to two bathrooms. While this is not the best of performances, it is adequate for day to day purification needs. Keep in mind that this is a two-stage filter, so that explains its capacity. And to top it off, it comes at a competitive price.

8. APEX MR-3020 Whole House GAC Water Filter System

APEX did its homework on this one. A well-rounded whole house water filter, the MR-3020 comes with multi-stage 20-inch housing. It features a one-micron filter pad, a Granular Activated Carbon filter, and an Activated Alumina cartridge. With such a combination, it can effectively remove arsenic chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and a variety of other contaminants from your water.

The MR-3020 also has an NSF approved, high-performance coconut shell complete with carbon filters to absorb by-products such as TCE and THM. And then there is the 20 in sediment filter that sieves deposits such as rust down to five microns. It will reduce fluoride up to 93% as well.

While the MR-3020 is relatively small, its wide cartridge design allows it to meet the demands of condos, large homes and apartments with ease. It is a great filtration system for a busy eatery or medical facilities. We love the unique cartridges, engineered to serve for at least six months, thereby reducing maintained frequency.

For those who may want to know, the MR-3020 comes with all filters included – all you have to do is to fit into place and you’re good to go. It measures 28″x22.5″x9″ and can handle a water pressure of anywhere between 80 to 90 psi. For the best results and optimal filtration, be sure to keep the flow rate at 5 gallons per minute. The only thing you need to note with this system is that it doesn’t come with mounting hardware but that’s by no means a deal breaker.

9. Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Water Filtration System (3-(Pack))

There is every reason to vouch for the Watts WH-LD. For one, it is ridiculously affordable and as if that’s not enough, it comes in a pack of three! And, different from any other model on this list, each filter has a clear housing. What does this tell you? Well, it means that you can see the dirt and sediments being filtered. Most importantly, you’ll always know when the filters are due for replacement.

The Watts WH-LD touts metal threaded inserts (3/4 inches), a good alternative if you don’t like plastic fittings. Don’t worry if the water in your house requires filtration for a host of chemicals. This unit uses 10 by 25 inches filters so you have the freedom to choose filters that work as per your needs beyond the manufacturer-branded ones. We love the integrated valve bypass which makes filter change super easy. In fact, you don’t have to turn off the water flow or install separate valves on your pipes to keep the water flow under control.

The Watts WH-LD can operate at a maximum pressure of 100 psi, more than any other model on this roundup. The maximum operating temperature stands at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Indeed, this is a one stage filtration system but it could very well be the only filter you need for your home. In gets rid of everything from large particles to chlorine, chemicals and everything in between. Even then it doesn’t come with a mounting bracket so keep that in mind when purchasing.

10. APEC Whole House Water Filter System with 20″ Big Blue Carbon Filter

Wrapping up our best whole house water filter reviews is this model by APEC. A premium 20-inch model, it strikes a combination of both durability and versatility required to meet your large capacity filtration needs including heavy sediments and high flow application. When working at its optimum, this unit will give you filtered water up to 70,000 gallons with only one replacement required every 12 months.

The APEC features a radial flow granular activated carbon filter cartridge to eliminate organic contaminants and improve your water’s taste. And just as you’d expect it doesn’t affect the flow rate or drop pressure of the water coming out of your faucet.

While its performance isn’t in doubt, the other thing that makes the APEC special is the leak-proof design. Unlike most models with a relief button that requires frequent replacement to reduce leakages, this one comes with a reinforced polypropylene cap that’s completely leak-free. It even has a standard 1 inch FPT pour that makes it compatible with copper plumbing and other conventional PVC pipes.

Plus, every package comes with a wrench and bracket of convenient installation. With what this has to offer, we reckon that the APEC is a perfect water filter for a mid-sized family, beverage shop owners and a small restaurant. It is also a good option if you’re a gardener in search of a unit that can give contaminant-free water for your garden, trees, and flowers. Plus, it comes at a cost that won’t leave a whole in your wallet.

How to Choose a Whole House Water Filter (Buyer’s Guide)

Before you spend your money on any whole house water filter, you need to ensure that it can provide what you’re looking for. While the choice of one model over the other boils down to your particular needs, the best whole house water filtration system should offer the following.

Enough Capacity

Truth be told; most whole house water filters will cost a few hundred dollars. In other words, you’ll spend a significant amount of money so you’d better be sure the model you intend to purchase doesn’t fall short when it comes to capacity. You want a unit that can provide clean drinking water for you and your family members for at least six months. We suggest that you choose a unit with a purification capacity of not less than 75, 000 gallons.

A Good Filtering Mechanism

You see, any filtration worth your money should do exactly what you expect it to do. You’re better off with a model that can rid of as many contaminants as possible. You have to be sure that the unit can eliminate pollutants such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and so on. The last thing that you want is to invest in a high-end water filter only to discover that it can’t get rid of some contaminants.

The Flow Rate

Again, a good water filter shouldn’t affect the flow rate of the water coming out of your faucet or any other points. It shouldn’t lower the pressure. Some models such as the Express Water Whole House Water Filter System come with an integrated gauge that allows you to see the rate at which your water is flowing. All in all, mounting a filter in your home shouldn’t in any way mean that you should compromise the rate at which your water was previously flowing.

Meet the Required Certification

You need to know that the water filter you’re planning to use is safe for use. Be on the lookout for NST international and Water Quality Association certification. That way, you can rest assured that indeed the filter has been certified to get rid of contaminant and most importantly, using it will cause no harm to your health.

A Filter Change Indicator

Needless to say, your system will only remain effective if you replace the filters within the required time. The best unit, therefore, should have a mechanism that reminds you when that time comes. Some models such as Watts WH-LD come with a clear casing so you can know exactly when to change the filters.

A Variety of Compatible Attachments

The best water filter should be compatible with other attachments that increase its efficiency. Take the Aquasana, for instance. This unit supports UV filtration, increasing the percentage of the bacteria that it kills. It uses a variety of filters to increase the time it takes to replace them and the filtration capacity. In short, you’re better off with a system that allows you to customize it to fit your needs even more.

…In addition, ask yourself;

What contaminants am I dealing with?

All water isn’t the same in terms of pollutants. You need to identify the specific contaminants in your area to determine if a particular water filter is best for you. You can easily know the status of the water in your area of residence by visiting the United States Environmental Protection Agency official website.

How much water do I need to filter?

As you may have already noticed in our water filter reviews above, different models have a varying filtration capacity. You have to interrogate the unit you want to purchase capability to handle your every day needs. If you don’t require a lot of purified water, then you may choose an affordable model and vice versa.

How often will I have to change the filters?

Just like any other appliance, a water filter requires regular maintenance to keep it in a good working condition. Mostly, whole house water filters need consistent changing of filters and cartridges. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on maintenance cost, then you should choose a model that comes with long lasting filters. Some units can go an entire year without the need for a replacement.

How easy is it to install the filter?

You have to mount your water filter correctly if you want it to work well. While we recommend finding a plumber to do the installation on your behalf, you should consider a unit that easy to install with little help. Remember, you will have to replace the filters later on and you don’t want to keep calling your plumber every time you need to do so. Note – some manufacturer may render the warranty and its specifications void if you don’t use a professional plumber to do the installation.

In Conclusion

We hope that you enjoyed reading our whole house water filter reviews as much as we did writing them. Most importantly, we expect that we’ve helped you to sort through the many models to find what you’ve been you looking for. Sure, these aren’t the only units out there but as stated at the beginning of the article, we went for the ones that offer the most value for your money that the functionality to meet the average water purification needs of a mid-sized home.

As usual, we have our eyes on the market and we will keep you informed in case we come across other models worth your cash. In other words, it is our priority to keep this list as up to date as possible to make sure that it remains helpful and relevant at all times. Our main priority is to makes sure that you purchase your ideal whole house water filter from a point of information. Got a question or a comment perhaps? Not a problem. Shoot it to us or leave it below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For now, over to you!

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