Fleck Iron Pro 2 Combination 64,000-Grain Water Softener Review

The Fleck Iron Pro 2 is a feature-rich water softener for commercial or residential purposes. It is a top-rated choice on the market for its solid performance and durability. It is a whole house filter and softener that can reduce water hardness to reduce issues, including scale buildup and staining in sinks, faucets and bathtubs. It also filters down iron that causes damage to plumbing systems and fixtures. Let’s find out more about the best water softener in the following review.


Complete package

The Fleck 5600SXT is also ready to install. It comes with DIY instructions, a brine tank and a bypass valve. Installation is also a breeze because the manual is clear and simple. Even if you don’t have a high plumbing knowledge, you can set it up without any worries.

Compact and simple design

The Fleck will not consume much space because it has a small and compact design. It doesn’t just eliminate the rust from the water, but it also saves you space. The metered design also lets you know of the water usage. It also regenerates only when needed, adding to its efficiency. Also, this digital control lets you make quick and easy adjustments to minimize the salt usage as well as maximize the unit’s overall capacity.


The Iron Pro 2 works as a water softener and an iron filter. What more can we say? It is like buying two devices in one. You can count on it for top savings. Buying the Fleck Iron Pro 2, you don’t just soften your water supply but also filters iron down. With this functionality, you can have peace of mind of having cleaner water at home.


Using this water filter and softener, you can save money in the end because it can prevent the damage to your plumbing system, faucets and other fixtures. It works by reducing iron in the water supply. It can also help in preventing the building up of scale in washing machines, water heaters and other appliances that use water. It can also prevent the staining of sinks and bathtubs.

High capacity

This model has a 64,000-grain capacity, which is higher than the rest in the category. You can rely on this water filter and softener for continued supply of clean and clear water for your entire family. You’ll also like its element in the design, which is the fine mesh resin that is designed for a better efficiency. It can promote a longer life, not just a higher capacity. You can expect of a high flow rate and high iron removal, which should be one of the features to shop around for when finding a similar product.

This model can also remove hardness reaching up to 75 GPG, manganese (6ppm), and iron (between 6-8 ppm). I also liked that it can filter out rust, sediment and sand. All these contaminants otherwise would lead to rusting and staining of your plumbing system. This Fleck Iron Pro 2 is reliable that it can get rid of these impurities in your system.


I also liked that it comes with a digital metered valve, which makes the unit more efficient. It also promotes an ease of use and convenience for use. So, even if you’re a first timer in using this kind of filtration device, you won’t have to worry because this filter and softener is innovative and efficient. This model also comes with a bypass valve that lets you bypass the entire unit without having to turn off the water supply. This element in the design makes the FLECK easier to use.


  • Combination iron filter and water softener
  • Whole house filtration reliability
  • High flow rate
  • Less maintenance
  • Efficient digital metered valve


  • Issues with programming memory loss if the power goes out


You can extend the lifespan of your water filter and softener by taking care of it. Use it only as directed by the manufacturer. If needed, change the filter cartridge to make the system efficient and functional.


Overall, the Fleck 5600SXT whole house system is the best in iron removal and water softening benefits. It can prevent the staining and scale buildup in your appliances. It also helps in preventing the damage to your plumbing system and reducing hardwater related problems, such as dry and itchy hair and scalp and irritated skin. In short, the 5600SXT can make water cleaner and fresher for these benefits and more. It also helps in saving you money from repairs and maintenance. You should not miss this water filter and softener. Buy the Fleck 5600SXT today!

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